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Dear Future Sponsor:
Unfortunately, all too often in today’s society tragedy strikes members of our law enforcement families. Through suffering and grief, a little bit of brightness makes the world of difference to their loved ones. Through one such tragedy where two New York City police officers were sitting in their cars patrolling and caring for the community in which they worked and senselessly murdered, Blue Lives Matter – NYC was created.
Blue Lives Matter – NYC is a registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization and since its inception in December 2014, has focused on assisting members of law enforcement and their family members when faced with catastrophic injuries or line of duty death. Our members of Blue Lives Matter - NYC are police officers from the local, and state levels as well as federal agencies that are all united with the singular focus of taking care of members of law enforcement and their loved ones. To date, the organization has assisted officers in need with financial support, performed home visits as a source of
support and comfort, and provided outings and events to help bring a smile and a bit of enjoyment to their impacted and strained lives. While our organization is called Blue Lives Matter – NYC our focus is on the welfare of police officers all over the nation and we strive to do all we can to be a resource for all our families in need. Unlike other organizations, Blue Lives Matter – NYC is an all-volunteer organization with no salaried employees, which allows all the proceeds from our fundraising to be put fully towards helping law enforcement families in their greatest time of need. As the wife of Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo, an NYPD Sergeant who was killed in the line of duty last November 4th , 2016 in the Bronx, I know firsthand the great works BLUELIVESMATTERNYC does for families of the fallen. From the very start, the members of the organization were a source of strength and support for my two sons and myself. Their love and constant attention to the needs of my boys and I is something I will always cherish and something I will always remember as giving me comfort in the months after Paul was killed. In addition to the emotional support and friendship they provided my family, they also honored my husband Paul at the 1st annual BLUELIVESMATTERNYC gala which was held in Staten Island in March of 2017. It was a black-tie affair which honored the service and sacrifice of many of the NYPD’s fallen and their families. My husband Paul was selected as their first Arch Angel Award recipient for the gala and in addition to the plaque presentation, they presented me with a check at the award. I could not be more proud of this honor. For 2018, Blue Lives Matter - NYC is honoring the service and sacrifice of fallen NYPD Detective Steven McDonald. Steven was a police officer in the Central Park precinct when he was shot in 1986. Steven was left paralyzed but lived for 30 more years becoming an inspiration and an example of the selflessness and humbleness we all aspire to. Steven was renowned the world over for his message of forgiveness and his big heart capable of being kind to all, including the man who had left him paralyzed. He succumbed to his injuries from 1986 early in 2017 and was mourned by thousands from across the world. For 2018, Steven was selected by Blue Lives Matter - NYC as its Arch Angel Award recipient. His wife Patti-Ann and son Conor as well as other family members will be in attendance to receive the award on his behalf at the 2018 gala.

The 2017 gala sold out months in advance and was an evening that united law enforcement agents and families from all over the country. It was such a special evening that allowed my family as well as others to be honored for the sacrifice and service that our loved ones made to the New York City communities in which they protected and tried to keep safe. Moreover, it was a chance for us to honor a select few organizations and companies from around the country that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of law enforcement families. The event in 2017 was covered by many media outlets and was a huge hit for the 475 people who were able to attend. The demand for the 2 nd annual event has reached a fever pitch and we are expecting to double the number of attendees for the 2nd annual gala honoring Det. Steven McDonald. This is where you come in. We are currently looking for a sponsor to help us in our bid to put forth a high-quality gala to honor the sacrifice of Det. McDonald. We would like to implore you to consider being a source of support for the gala so that we may be able to continue to take care of the families of fallen police officers and those who have suffered catastrophic injuries while in service of their communities. We hope to be able to count on your support and to show the thousands of law enforcement families around this great nation that the good works their loved ones do is not going unnoticed and that they have the backing of your organization. We would like to thank you for taking this opportunity to help us help others and hope we can count on your support as we put together a very worthwhile event. If you would like more information about our Gala, our other functions or our organization please contact us at Blue Lives Matter - NYC, visit or email me at


Lisa Tuozzolo
Widow of Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo NYPD


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