The Official Blue Lives Matter as seen on Fox News

Executive Board



Founder - Joseph Imperatrice 

Joseph is a Staten Island Native and Sergeant in the NYPD. Joe is one of the most passionate people and spends most of his down time planning and engineering Blue Lives Matter NYC into the well oiled machine it has turned out to be. Joe plays and manages the Blue Lives Matter NYC softball team. Joe is also the proud dad of Little Jude


Co-founder - Christopher Brinkley

Chris hails from Long Island and was assigned to Anti-Crime with Joe and Carlos where they founded Blue Lives Matter NYC. Chris has been a Police officer for about 9 years and is a decorated Iraqi war veteran having served 2 year long deployments to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division 1-87 Infantry Regiment in 2004 and 2005.



Co-Founder - Carlos Delgado

Carlos is a Crime Prevention Officer for the NYPD and is a native of Manhattan. You can find Carlos at a NYC FC soccer game or taking in a Yankee game as a die hard fan. From the start Carlos was part of the machine driving Blue Lives Matter NYC to become what it is today.




Treasurer - Sue Rapa

Recording Secretary - Dan Ticali

Police Week Chairman - Mark Vazquez

Financial Advisor - Shaun Roberts esq.

Appropriations Adviser - Kevin Hassan