The Official Blue Lives Matter as seen on Fox News

Executive Board


 Founder - Joseph Imperatrice 

 Joseph has 18 and a half years of Law Enforcment experience. Starting his career in Operation Impact, Patrol, SNEU (Street Narcotics Enforcment Unit), Supervisor of Plain Clothes Anti-Crime, Detective Squad Supervisor, REAL TIME CRIME CENTER Supervisor, and currently Detective Bureau Supervisor. 

Joseph is a frequent contributor on FOX NEWS & NEWSMAX. 
He has been featured on the NETFLIX Series Explained and on VICE.


Co-founder - Christopher Brinkley

Chris hails from Long Island and was assigned to Anti-Crime with Joe and Carlos where they founded Blue Lives Matter NYC. Chris is a detective with 16 years of police experience and is a decorated Iraqi war veteran having served 2 year long deployments to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division 1-87 Infantry Regiment in 2004 and 2005.

Chris has been featured on Fox and Friends, Tomi Lahren and Dr Laura. 



Co-Founder - Carlos Delgado

Carlos brings over 17 years of Law Enforcement experience, he’s currently at Sergeant at Patrol Borough Manhattan South. Carlos has previously worked in Midtown South (Impact), 7th Precinct, 1st Precinct Detective Squad and 9th Precinct. Carlos along with Joe and Chris strive to make a difference within the Law Enforcement community.



Brian Risano - Operations Coordinator

Jeff Crianza - Media Relations/Photography 

Stephanie Sanchez - Photographer 

Jerry Fantuazzi - Transportation Coordinator

Precinct Liaison - Jon Michael Lobosco 

Financial Advisor - Shaun Roberts esq.

Volunteer Coordinator - Anita Autar
Volunteer Coordinator - Khemraj Shewbaran 
Chaplain - Frank Chiaramonte
Outreach Coordinator - Danny Quinn 


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