The Official Blue Lives Matter as seen on Fox News

Detective Simonsen Laid To Rest

Detective Simonsen Funeral

Supports came out in droves to pay their respects to Detective Simonsen in Suffolk County. Police Commissioner James O'Neil gave a moving speech that had most of us fighting back tears including himself. You can see our signature logo in flowers lead the funeral procession with honor and great pride. 

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Blue Lives Matter NYC

We are Blue Lives Matter NYC, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to help Law Enforcement Officers and their families during their time of need. 

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Podcast Alert

Beyond The Vest Podcast Ep5

Join us for episode 5 of Beyond the Vest. We sit down with Dr Darrin Porcher Law Enforcement Expert and Fox News Contributor. We discuss the rising number of LEO deaths and the government shutdown.

Beyond The Line

It's finally here! our long awaited Beyond The Line interactive video is available for your viewing. Brought to you by Blue Lives Matter NYC and our talented video producer Antonio Bolfo. Beyond The Line gives a behind the scenes perspective into the life of a cop. Please enjoy the trailer then click the link to view the complete video and our click through interviews with the families of fallen officers and our Blue Lives team.