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Andreula Family Fund


 The Andreula family has been hit hard with some devastating news. Alicia Andreula has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Cell lung cancer which has spread throughout her body, a healthy vibrant young woman, wife and mother to 4 beautiful kids. Jason and Alicia were living their best lives. Alicia a NYU Dental school graduate who loves being a dentist. Jason an NYPD detective on the Job for over 20 years, both doing what they love and raising  4 of the most well rounded, respectful, smart and kind little children.

At this time Alicia is in Texas with family getting the treatment she needs to fight this beast. We know that this is going to be tough on the entire family. If there is anything they need right now it is lots of prayers, positive vibes and most important financial assistance. A donation of any size will help lessen the angst and worry of what is to come. It is in God's hands and we are praying for a miracle. Jason and the kids will be heading back and forth to Texas from home to be Alicia. Please kindly find it in your hearts to give whatever you can it would greatly be appreciated, any amount can help.